HUB goulash and paprika

ingredientsguláš z hub a paprik


80 g of fat (lard)

2 large onions,

500 g fresh mushrooms (mix)

4 peppers (red 2)
4 cloves garlic, salt,

1 teaspoon cumin

1 heaped tablespoon sweet paprika
200 ml broth from bouillon cubes,

1 tablespoon plain flour

200 ml yogurt or sour cream (hard cheese for sprinkling)





First clean the mushrooms and cut them into thick slices. From the peppers, remove the cores, rinse and cut into large pieces. Peel and cut the onion, garlic peel

and embossments. Heat the fat in a saucepan, fry the chopped onions on it. Then add the sliced mushrooms, salt, garlic, cumin, paprika, pour half the broth, stir and simmer for about five minutes. Add the chopped peppers (who likes sharper meals can add some of chilli peppers i), stir, add the rest of the broth and simmer. In cream or yogurt, whisk flour, pour into a stew, stirring occasionally continue stewing until peppers are soft. We stew on a platter sprinkled with grated hard cheese. Serve with salty dog.

Color stew – colors make life merrier 4


750 g beef or lean pork,

4 large onions,

4 peppers (the more colors the better)

4 tomatoes or a can of canned tomatoes,

a few cloves of garlic,





oil or lard


On the oil or fat fry for half a chopped onion. Until it is almost pink, sprinkle a teaspoon of paprika, stir and add the chopped meat cubes. Sear on all sides. Season with salt and pepper, and pour water or broth (from cubes).

Beer-stew recipe for stew with beer 3


750 g beef shin

3 large onions,

1/2 liter of light beer (10 °)

2 tablespoons lard,

1-2 slices of bread older


ground pepper,

crushed cumin


3 cloves garlic


Cut the meat into cubes. Lard fry chopped onion, add the meat and fry together, stirring to darken the meat and onions. During stirring, pepper and caraway seeds. Then pour a little water, and about half of beer. Add salt and simmer with the lid on until soft flesh. If you need to replenish fluid, pour beer. The soft meat, add crumbled or grated bread, marjoram and simmer until thick. Finally, add the crushed garlic, season with salt if appropriate. Serve with dumplings, pasta or bread.

Beef goulash, beef stew


750 g beef

80 g fat,

500 g onions,

10 g sweet paprika,

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon marjoram,


3 cloves garlic,

30 g plain flour

1 l broth cubes


On stew beef best use of plywood, but is also suitable meat from beef shoulder. Rinse, dry and possibly get rid of solid membranes and tendons. Cut it into large cubes. Peel onion and cut it into small cubes. Prepare the broth.
Heat the lard in a pan (you can also use bacon) and fry it all chopped onion. Once the light yellow, add the sliced meat and fry.

Season with salt, add pepper, marjoram, cumin and garlic. Mix well and pour the broth so that the meat is submerged. Meat simmer with the lid on low heat, we expect that it will take about an hour or up to an hour and a half. It depends on the quality of the meat.

If you need podléváme broth and stir. When the meat is semi-soft, partly vysmahnout let the juice, sprinkle with flour, stir, fry and then re-pour broth and simmer until meat is tender. The finished stew přisolíme as needed.

Serve with dumplings or bread or pastries.
To prepare the stew, there are hundreds of advanced techniques, and it is true that it can handle most men. The above basic procedure can be varied to some extent – who likes sharper, add hot peppers should be part of who likes garlic, add more garlic etc.

Presidential stew goulash





250 g or a little more smoked belly, 1 kg onion, 1 kg of beef

plywood, red wine, 1 potato, bread crust, 1 smoked sausage, 1 tsp
flour, 1 carrot, parsley root bit, a little celery, sweet
red pepper, salt, chillies, juniper, marjoram, 1 tablespoon currant
  jam, lemon peel, 1 teaspoon ketchup, oil, whipped 1

Smoked bacon into small cubes, fits into a larger pot

A sharply fry until until a lot of fat from the bacon left over only
medium brown greaves. Cut the onion into small cubes and toss to like this
prepared fat, stirring will wait until the glassy gold. Then add on
diced chuck, stir, let nepodlité moment, then start
baste with red wine. Comes the most important phase, that is, self-cooking stew.
Is finished until the shank is entirely soft, but it does not disintegrate. The slower cooking, thereby
goulash is better. About ten minutes before end of cooking add one finely
chopped crust of bread and a small grated potato

  (both for thickening) and one finely chopped smoked sausage and spoon smooth
flour. At the same time possible to produce large skillet jelly to taste. Makes as follows: hot oil can first chopped or grated
carrots and a little similarly prepared parsley and celery. When it is more or less
fried, add other ingredients – salt, lots of red sweet peppers, proportionate
amount (not too small) crushed chilli peppers, or other
hot spices, crushed pepper and juniper !, especially marjoram, some more green
herbs, spoon currant jam, enough grated lemon rind, spoon
ketchup, any other spices of your choice. It all adds up to a few
few minutes stirring fried in oil, which opens all tastes

and blend in with the oil. The contents of the pan, then add to the pot of stew, two minutes on
low heat stirred vigorously, then goulash removed and allowed to cool. When completely cool, stir into it one beaten whipped cream.

Den allowed to rest and the next day warmed her.