Brexit – the beginning of the fight for freedom

So Britain is leaving the German Reich. Finally, someone has the courage to this undemocratic unit, which is detached from life, and who managed to Germany with France to replace the military occupation of Europe.

Where the national interests and needs of citizens were and yet there are still subordinated to the interests of a few individuals who own multinational companies and financial institutions. Where money is precedence over human life. Britain alone again fighting for freedom and democracy in Europe, as was the case during the Second World War. Europe for several decades, is facing the expansion of Germanic tribes, cloaked under the guise of economic assistance ,, „and political leaders, whose eyes are sealed euros to see it. Britain’s open eyes of Europe and the need to help her and sweep dictatorship controlled from Brussels. The EU is not an economic block, shows signs of a totalitarian social order as was the case with the German Reich, the Soviet Union, as well as those social and military dictatorship is unreformable. We need a dictatorship topple and start from scratch on the basis of equal and fair position of individual members, and especially the interests and the needs of millions of people and not just a few super-rich individuals.

I do not understand people of Scotland, who are open-minded people that want to remain in thrall to the dictatorial, absolutist, undemocratic governments from Brussels

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