Where can print an original t-shirt or gift

Where do you buy an original print for gifts or t-shirts. T-shirt – now the most popular girls ‚and boys‘ clothes, and what we will talk, as well as among adults is very desirable.

Nowadays, however, most struggling with the quality of goods available in mainstream stores. What do we cover virtually all businesses today stitch in China and the quality is very poor. Regarding originality, so it’s all one heddle. English slogans that do not say anything, and if so, they are often misunderstood.

Where are the days when a man found in a shop original images, all sorts of creatures that even when your little nasty form were even funny.

I have a tip for you. I found a site where you can both, may print your own design on a T-shirt, but also on many other gift items, of which you never dreamed of. Even the original linen to blankets, pillows with full print, leggings, mouse pads, just a plethora of subjects, either with their own designs or choose and have it sent one of the proposals for independent artists who offer their suggestions here.

Regarding the shirts are made by American Apparel and I think that is a guarantee of a certain quality. The other subjects are from the reviews on the Internet in top quality.

Now the main thing that you might be interested. PRICE. How should I say the price for shirts is between 19-25 US dollars,

It is about 480 – 650Kč if you look at the different formers shirts on the net so the price is comparable with Czech portals that are just offshoots portals abroad, mostly


It depends on the type of shirts that you choose. But what is very interesting is the price of transport. Ranges between 5.5 dollars (about 140Kč) for pillow max size 20 x 20 inches giving 7.7 dollars (about 190Kč)

So now where I actually send

This is the server REDBUBBLE

Just to show you I will give here a few links that everything can be bought there





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