Beer-stew recipe for stew with beer 3


750 g beef shin

3 large onions,

1/2 liter of light beer (10 °)

2 tablespoons lard,

1-2 slices of bread older


ground pepper,

crushed cumin


3 cloves garlic


Cut the meat into cubes. Lard fry chopped onion, add the meat and fry together, stirring to darken the meat and onions. During stirring, pepper and caraway seeds. Then pour a little water, and about half of beer. Add salt and simmer with the lid on until soft flesh. If you need to replenish fluid, pour beer. The soft meat, add crumbled or grated bread, marjoram and simmer until thick. Finally, add the crushed garlic, season with salt if appropriate. Serve with dumplings, pasta or bread.

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