Pensions – are disappearing, age, where they end up retirement age ?!

Constant complaints of our leaders, no matter if they are right-wing or left-wing focus on the aging population begin to climb my neck. Indeed, the solution offers virtually alone. Would only have access to the state as an economic entity, where the means of production are citizens. After all it is. The state and its revenue is dependent on the economic activity of citizens. That means if they work, do business and pay taxes and pay state-mandated insurance.

It is a fact that virtually every citizen is in some way responsible for themselves whether they will create conditions to its pension scheme at an advanced age who had to work.

In other words, every citizen and none other than himself is responsible for it if you start a family and have children.

And what would he do in this case happen? Of course, a little bit of favoring those who are securing their retirement future care.

I can already hear opponents, as it is preached that this in turn will lead to abuse that certain groups of the population will live just from having children, and so on.

This is still easily adjustable. Just some advantage will only work for families that have two (actually ensure simple reproduction) a maximum of three children. I think that such a thing concerns the regulation of advantage if you want the benefits or tax relief would be easily achievable.

And it would actually access space management to the state as a business entity. Or do you think that the retirement age will be raised to infinity?

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