17 November day of national mourning forever

November 17, 1989 died fairness and justice in this country. What was the euphoria of people who believed that there would be a better time (how apt says Mr. Kalousek that it was naive).

What actually occurred. What were released, and where weaknesses were called. Socialist system.

It is true that the communist regime was to certain groups of people unjust. Evaluation of intelligence, scientists, engineers, doctors, was really pathetic. It also resulted also the policy options to travel abroad. Brain drain could actually occurred. A still lack certain goods. This was a huge mistake so. Socialist system. How little was enough to make the whole fair system was retained. Unfortunately, the then ruling elite had underestimated the power of the people, as well as succeeding garniture underestimated the ruthlessness, cunning and ability slumbering mafia vyčuránků, swindlers and thieves.

The former regime was also a mode where if someone stole it was a thief. If someone did not work, so it was a bum. Where human disease did not put his arms executors, where one got through with the court of justice. Where people did not die on the streets of hunger, disease and cold. Where there were thousands of people depend on the mercy and almužnách, where the treatment of children did not have to organize collections. Where if you went to the doctor and was duly treated and health insurance nerozkradly criminal mafia pharmaceutical companies in collaboration with physicians and insurance companies.

Where i deputy minister and worked for a reasonable salary

Where will not be wandering around the streets of violent gangs of drunken and stoned teenagers. Where if one honestly worked, so be relatively well.

Just an ordinary man in the working group for anything.

Enough slightly revised remuneration intelligence and calmly could open the borders. Nefachčenků armies, who thought that the former West without a job bathe in champagne by very quickly and I like coming back and they are honest, why should not leave.

Just 17 November 1989 ctým lost my guess 80% of the population practically everything that made life a calm, relaxed, without fear and uncertainty. Of the remaining 20 percent Ceti are about 3% honest entrepreneurs and small business owners that live on the edge of bankruptcy. Well, the rest is mafia cheats, tripe, blackmailers, slavers and other dubious existence that this nation is slowly but surely strangling and killing.

Maybe it looks like I’m crying for the communist regime, it is not so, I had many years behind their backs military counter and soldiers me for several years shut up in prison, in 1990, I was exonerated, but both systems are bad and bring benefits only a small group of the population

People but what do ????

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